Vol 5 Issue 4 Oct-Dec, 2017

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  1. Parental Socialization Goals and Machiavellianism in Adolescence: Same sex Parents as Role Models by András Láng Tamás Ináncsi and Melinda Pohárnok. Download PDF
  2. Sibling Relationship in Children with Autism: Perspectives of Siblings of Children with Autism by Akhila.C, Janani.C., and Abhishek. B. P. Download PDF
  3. Personal Responsibility and Environmental awareness on Ecological Behaviour of Young adults by Fathimath Suhara, U. K, Fathima Bushra Saliha and Jayan, C. Download PDF
  4. Occupational Stress and Mental Health of Nursing Employees in Private Hospitals by Amritharaj, K, and Sreelashmi, R. Download PDF