Past Issue

Vol 6 Issue 1 Jan-Mar, 2018

  1. Improving Conversation skills using Technology based intervention among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Uma, K and Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  2. Leadership qualities and Personality traits of Higher Secondary School students by Vijayakumari, K and Prasanthini. T. Download PDF
  3. Executive Functions in Early and Late Bilinguals by Nikita, M, Ankit Lohani and Abhishek, B. P. Download PDF
  4. Student Engagement in relation to Academic stress and Self-Efficacy by Manikandan, K and Neethu, A, T. Download PDF

Vol 5 Issue 4 Oct-Dec, 2017

  1. Parental Socialization Goals and Machiavellianism in Adolescence: Same sex Parents as Role Models by András Láng Tamás Ináncsi and Melinda Pohárnok. Download PDF
  2. Sibling Relationship in Children with Autism: Perspectives of Siblings of Children with Autism by Akhila.C, Janani.C., and Abhishek. B. P. Download PDF
  3. Personal Responsibility and Environmental awareness on Ecological Behaviour of Young adults by Fathimath Suhara, U. K, Fathima Bushra Saliha and Jayan, C. Download PDF
  4. Occupational Stress and Mental Health of Nursing Employees in Private Hospitals by Amritharaj, K, and Sreelashmi, R. Download PDF

Vol 5 Issue 3 July-Sept, 2017

  1. English Language Proficiency of Preschool teachers in Kerala: A survey – by Anjana , A. V. and Prema, K. S. Rao Download PDF
  2. Residential Decision and Mental Health in the Older Adults – by Santhosh Kareepadath Rajan and Sowmya.N.Gowda. Download PDF
  3. Resilience, Coping and Gender Role Identity among Infertile Couples- by Nigesh, K. and Tilottama Mukherjee. Download PDF
  4. Loneliness, Shyness and Perceived Social Support among Adolescents – by Manikandan, K and Anuraglal, K. Download PDF
  5. Occupational Stress among Medical Professionals – by Madhuchandra, M. K and Ganesha Download PDF

Vol 5 Issue 2 Apr-June, 2017

  1. An exploration of obsessive beliefs and their Personality correlates in female young adults of Kerala – Arathi Sarma,U. and Sasidharan, T. Download PDF
  2. Role of Self esteem, Locus of control and Coping in predicting the Psychological well being of Adolescents – Uma, K. and Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  3. Explaining the Relation between Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence – Jeny Rapheal and Varghese Paul, K. Download PDF
  4. Correlates of Marital Satisfaction of Indian Married Couples – Nayana, K. B. and James, J. K. Download PDF
  5. Personality and Fabric Color Preferences of Girls – Amritharaj, K. and Manikandan, K. Download PDF

Vol 5 Issue 1 Jan-Mar, 2017

  1. Perception of Social Support among Mothers of Autistic Children – Sreelal, A., Nadam, P. S and Sylaja, H. Download PDF
  2. Outcome-Based Education for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Janetius, S. T., Mini, T. C, and Padmanabhan, R. Download PDF
  3. Influence of Home Language Environment on Reading Status in Malayalam among Grade 4 Students in Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Remia, K. R. Download PDF
  4. Psychosocial Problems, Help-Seeking Behaviour and Resilience among Students in schools with no Psychologist – Santhosh, K. R and Ngullie, T. Download PDF
  5. Personality, Achievement Motivation and Academic Performance among Sojourn Students – Neesha, T. K., Minal, M., Kirtana, D., and Varun, K Download PDF
  6. Construction and Validation of Adherence to Treatment Scale among patients with essential high blood pressure – KARA Said Download PDF

Vol 4 Issue 3&4 July-Dec, 2016

  1. Sources of Stress in Educators of Mainstreamed Children with Hearing Impairment – Prithi, V. Malar,G. & Sumana, H. P. Download PDF
  2. Social Competence among Student Police Cadets and Non-Cadets in Secondary Schools – Mumthas, N. S & Safna, M. P Download PDF
  3. Relationship between Video Gaming Habit and Achievement in Mathematics of Secondary School Students – Saritha. A.S., & Happy, P.V Download PDF
  4. Caregive’s Burden and Perceived Spousal Support in Mothers wth Autistic Children – Sara Renni, & Kumar, K. B  Download PDF
  5. Work Engagement in relation to Psychological Well-Being and Motivation at Work – Vijayakumari, K., &  Vrinda, K. C Download PDF

Vol 4 Issue 1&2  Jan-Jun, 2016

  1. Sensory Motor Integration of Children with Dyslexia – Farisha K. A; Ameer Hassan and Rajeev Kumar, N.  Download PDF
  2. Influence of Mathematics Anxiety on Mathematical Creativity among Secondary School Students – Midhundas, A. M and Vijayakumari, K.  Download PDF
  3. Emotional Intelligence among Police Personnel: Socio-Demographic Analysis – Lokesh, L; Swathi Patra and Venkatesan, S. Download PDF
  4. Development and Standardization of a Teaching Style Inventory among Secondary School Teachers of Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Haskar Babu U. Download PDF
  5. Happiness and Stress Tolerance in Type 2 Diabetic Patients – Justine Joseph and Joseph, M. I. Download PDF
  6. Influence of Student Beliefs about Nature of School Mathematics on their Achievement at Secondary Level in Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Sarabi, M. K. Download PDF
  7. Impact of Parenting Style on the Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents – Marikutty. P. J and Joseph, M. I. Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 4 Oct–Dec, 2015

  1. Instructional Strategies in Teaching Physics: An Integrated Approach –Mini Narayanan & Abdul Gafoor, K.Download PDF
  2. Teachers’ Perception of Problems in implementing RTE Act in Schools of Kerala – Rekha, P.Download PDF
  3. Influence of Parenting Styles on Social Reticence among Higher secondary school students by Mumthas, N. S & Shyni Rajan, P. M.Download PDF
  4. Main and Interaction Effects of Gender, Subject of Specialisation and Teaching Experience on Teacher Morale among Higher Secondary School Teachers in Kerala – Salini K. Menon, C. V & Vijayakumari, K.Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 3 July–Sept, 2015

  1. Test Session Behaviors of Children with Academic Problems, – Venkatesan, S. Download PDF
  2. Attachment Style, Attachment Figure and Intimate Relationship among Emerging Adults with General Anxiety Disorder – Raheemudheen, P. K, Vibha Sharma, & Tripathi, C. B Download PDF
  3. Construction and Standardization of Self-confidence Scale in Malayalam – Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  4. Perceived Social Support as a Predictor of School Engagement of Secondary School Students – Vijayakumari, K.Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 2 Apr–June 2015

  1. The Role of Sex in the relation of Family Environment and Hostility by Divya T. V and Manikandan, K.Download PDF
  2. Awareness on Disaster Management: An exploration among Secondary School Students in Kerala based on their Gender, Locale and Experience with Disaster by Vijayakumari, K and Sabitha, P.Download PDF
  3. Development of Malayalam Handwriting Scale for School Students in Kerala by Abdul Gafoor, K and Naseer, A. R.Download PDF
  4. Marriage Adjustment among Working and Non-Working Women by Nadam, P. S and Sylaja, H.Download PDF
  5. Three Fold Model of Intellectual Styles among Higher Secondary School Students by Bindu, C. M and Jahfar, M.Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 1 Jan–Mar, 2015

  1. Cyber Harassment and Cyber Victimization in relation to Webholism – Bayana, B. O. M. S and Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  2. Quality Education Pupils Right (QEPR) Programme in Kerala: A Critical Analysis – Vijayakumari, K and Remesh, N, K.Download PDF
  3. Development of Academic Goal Orientation Inventory for Senior Secondary School Students of Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Abidha Kurukkan Download PDF
  4. Validation of Scale of Commitment to Democratic Values among Secondary Students – Abdul Gafoor, K.Download PDF

Vol 2 Issue 4 Oct–Dec, 2014.

  1. The Role of Personal Control in the Experience of Work Satisfaction among Higher Education Teachers –
    Firdousiya, P.C & Jayan, C Download PDF
  2. Organizational climate, Length of teaching and Sex on Work Engagement of Higher Secondary School Teachers – Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  3. Student and Teacher Perception of Disciplinary Practices: Types, Reasons, Consequences and Alternatives – Mumthas, N. S., Jouhar Munavvir, & Abdul Gafoor, K. Download PDF
  4. Chemistry Vocabulary attainment among Higher Secondary Students – Abdul Gafoor, K., & Greeshma, K.
    Download PDF
  5. Construction and Validation of Scale of Parenting Style – Abdul Gafoor, K., & Abidha Kurukkan.Download PDF
  6. Family Environment of Rural Women Affected by HIV/HIDS and undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy – Sudharshana, H. M., & Venkatesan, S.Download PDF

Vol 2 Issue 3 July–Sept, 2014.

  1. Personality Orientation and Meaning in Life of College Students in relation to Cert ain Demographic Variables by Manikandan, K & Sreeja, G.Download PDF
  2. Mental Health of Orphan Students in Children’s Home by Nadam, P. S & Sylaja, H. Download PDF
  3. Concurrent use of Customized Behavioral Interventions in Skill Enhancement and Problem Behavior Reduction on Children with Autism by Kadambari, N & Venkatesan, S.Download PDF
  4. Achievement Motivation among Secondary School Students by Vijayakumari, K & Rekha, M. P.Download PDF

Vol 2 Issue 2 April– June, 2014.

  1. Efficacy of Training Program on Executive Functions in Children with Learning Disability, Gupta, S. K & Venkatesan, S. Download PDF
  2. A Study of Reliability of Marking and Absolute Grading In Secondary Schools, Abdul Gafoor, K & Jisha, PDownload PDF
  3. Role of Psychological Wellbeing on Anxiety and Depression among Breast Cancer Patients, Menon, S. B & Jayan, CDownload PDF
  4. Study of the relationship between teachers’ disciplinary styles and Moral development of students in descriptive evaluation, Sanadgol, M & Kazemi,YDownload PDF

Vol 2 Issue 1 Jan– Mar, 2014.

1. Mind Mapping: A tool for Mathematical Creativity – Vijayakumari, K & Kavithamole, M. G.Download PDF

2. Role of Social Support on Cancer Distress among Breast Cancer Patients – Kavitha, R & Jayan, C.Download

3. Psycho-Social Problems of Adolescents at Higher Secondary Level – Mumthas, N. S & Muhsina, M.Download

4. Locus of Control, Assertiveness and General Well-Being among Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics – Indu S. Menon & Monsy Edward Download

5. Attitude of Prospective teachers at Primary Level towards Inclusive Education – Bindhu, C. M & Niranjana. K. P.Download

6. Tests Screening Reading Difficulty in Malayalam among Upper Primary School Boys – Abdul Gafoor, K.Download

Vol 1 Issue 4 Oct– Dec, 2013.

  1. Psychosocial Concerns of Breast Cancer Patients: An Explorative Study by Sukanya B. Menon & Jayan, C. Download PDF
  2. Influence of Locus of Control, Self-Esteem and Sex on Academic Stress among Adolescents by Uma, K & Manikandan, K.Download PDF
  3. Perceived Paternal Parenting style on Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents by Shalini, A & Balakrishna Acharya, Y. T.Download PDF
  4. Prevalence of Behavior Problems among School Children and their Demographic Correlates by Sushma Basavaiah Vijayaprakash, Srinivasan Venkatesan & Khyrunnisa Begum.Download PDF
  5. Influence of Submissiveness on Mental Health among Married Couples by Greeshma, R & Junaid, A.Download PDF
  6. Constructivism in Classrooms: An Evaluation of Group Activities by the Stakeholders by Vijayakumari, K & Jinu, M. K.Download PDF
  7. Divergence in Curricular-Weight Teacher-Efforts and Student-Difficulties in Secondary School ESL by Abdul Gafoor, K & Sreeja, C.Download PDF

Vol 1 Issue 3 July– Sept, 2013

  1. Influence of Phonological Awareness, Morphological Awareness and Non-verbal ability on Reading Comprehension in Malayalam by Abdul Gafoor, K & Remia, K. R  Download PDF
  2. Adjustment and Spirituality in Old Age by Joseph, M. I & Jayanthy, P. Nair Download PDF
  3. The Social Psychology of Affect, Thought and Behavior among Service Workers by Susan, V & Jayan, C Download PDF
  4. Personality and Consumer Brand Switching by Ramshitha, A. P & Manikandan, K Download PDF
  5. State-Trait Anxiety and Co-morbid Depression among Anxiety Disorder Patients  by Soumya Starlet, C. T & Joseph, M. I Download PDF
  6. Family Environment and Temperament as Predictors of Emotion Regulation by Milu Maria Anto & Jayan, C Download PDF

Vol 1 Issue 2 April-June, 2013.

  1.  Prevalence of Girl Child Abuse in Kerala: An Analysis –Lima Raj, K & Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  2. Psychiatric Morbidity at Work – Sheron, K. P. R & Jayan, CDownload PDF
  3. Marital Adjustment and Emotional Maturity among Dual-Career Couples – Jaisri, M & Joseph, M. IDownload PDF
  4. Emotional Competency and Happiness among Teacher Trainees – Justin Joseph & Joseph, M. IDownload PDF
  5. Quality of Work Life: A Dynamic Multidimensional Construct at Work Place – Part II – Susan Varghese & Jayan, CDownload PDF
  6. Self-efficacy and Self-derogation of Kudumbashree members in Kerala – Rajeesh, T. C & Sylaja, HDownload PDF
  7. School Engagement of Secondary School Students in Kerala-Vijayakumari, K & Manikandan, KDownload PDF
  8. Styles of Thinking among Learning Disabled and Slow Learners – Hassan, A & Sylaja, H. Download PDF

Vol 1 Issue 1 Jan-Mar, 2013.

1 . Submissiveness, Anxiety and Maladjustment among Women by Manikandan, K., & Subramannian, K.  Download PDF

2 .  Quality of Work Life: A Dynamic Multidimensional Construct at Work Place – Part I- by Susan Varghese & C. Jayan.   Download PDF

3.  The Moderating Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Organizational Justice and Counterproductive Work Behavior –by Lijiya Manju, K. C., & Manikandan, K.  Download PDF

4. Beyond Examination Reforms: Assessment For, As and In Learning – by Abdul Gafoor, K. Download PDF

5. Attitudinal and Psychological Characteristics of Substance Abusers – by Monsi Edward & Fathima, M. A.   Download PDF

6. Role of Father in the Cognitive Development of the Child: An Exploration- by Fathima Bushra Saliha & Jayan, C. Download PDF

7. Self-Esteem among Upper Primary School students in Kerala – by Vijayakumari, K & Soumya, K.  Download PDF

8. Influence of Certain Demographic variables on Job Attitudes and Quality of Life of Employees – by Sarath, P & Raju, S.  Download PDF