Past Issue

Vol 5 Issue 3 July-Sept, 2017

  1. English Language Proficiency of Preschool teachers in Kerala: A survey – by Anjana , A. V. and Prema, K. S. Rao Download PDF
  2. Residential Decision and Mental Health in the Older Adults – by Santhosh Kareepadath Rajan and Sowmya.N.Gowda. Download PDF
  3. Resilience, Coping and Gender Role Identity among Infertile Couples- by Nigesh, K. and Tilottama Mukherjee. Download PDF
  4. Loneliness, Shyness and Perceived Social Support among Adolescents – by Manikandan, K and Anuraglal, K. Download PDF
  5. Occupational Stress among Medical Professionals – by Madhuchandra, M. K and Ganesha Download PDF

Vol 5 Issue 2 Apr-June, 2017

  1. An exploration of obsessive beliefs and their Personality correlates in female young adults of Kerala – Arathi Sarma,U. and Sasidharan, T. Download PDF
  2. Role of Self esteem, Locus of control and Coping in predicting the Psychological well being of Adolescents – Uma, K. and Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  3. Explaining the Relation between Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence – Jeny Rapheal and Varghese Paul, K. Download PDF
  4. Correlates of Marital Satisfaction of Indian Married Couples – Nayana, K. B. and James, J. K. Download PDF
  5. Personality and Fabric Color Preferences of Girls – Amritharaj, K. and Manikandan, K. Download PDF

Vol 5 Issue 1 Jan-Mar, 2017

  1. Perception of Social Support among Mothers of Autistic Children – Sreelal, A., Nadam, P. S and Sylaja, H. Download PDF
  2. Outcome-Based Education for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Janetius, S. T., Mini, T. C, and Padmanabhan, R. Download PDF
  3. Influence of Home Language Environment on Reading Status in Malayalam among Grade 4 Students in Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Remia, K. R. Download PDF
  4. Psychosocial Problems, Help-Seeking Behaviour and Resilience among Students in schools with no Psychologist – Santhosh, K. R and Ngullie, T. Download PDF
  5. Personality, Achievement Motivation and Academic Performance among Sojourn Students – Neesha, T. K., Minal, M., Kirtana, D., and Varun, K Download PDF
  6. Construction and Validation of Adherence to Treatment Scale among patients with essential high blood pressure – KARA Said Download PDF

Vol 4 Issue 3&4 July-Dec, 2016

  1. Sources of Stress in Educators of Mainstreamed Children with Hearing Impairment – Prithi, V. Malar,G. & Sumana, H. P. Download PDF
  2. Social Competence among Student Police Cadets and Non-Cadets in Secondary Schools – Mumthas, N. S & Safna, M. P Download PDF
  3. Relationship between Video Gaming Habit and Achievement in Mathematics of Secondary School Students – Saritha. A.S., & Happy, P.V Download PDF
  4. Caregive’s Burden and Perceived Spousal Support in Mothers wth Autistic Children – Sara Renni, & Kumar, K. B  Download PDF
  5. Work Engagement in relation to Psychological Well-Being and Motivation at Work – Vijayakumari, K., &  Vrinda, K. C Download PDF

Vol 4 Issue 1&2  Jan-Jun, 2016

  1. Sensory Motor Integration of Children with Dyslexia – Farisha K. A; Ameer Hassan and Rajeev Kumar, N.  Download PDF
  2. Influence of Mathematics Anxiety on Mathematical Creativity among Secondary School Students – Midhundas, A. M and Vijayakumari, K.  Download PDF
  3. Emotional Intelligence among Police Personnel: Socio-Demographic Analysis – Lokesh, L; Swathi Patra and Venkatesan, S. Download PDF
  4. Development and Standardization of a Teaching Style Inventory among Secondary School Teachers of Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Haskar Babu U. Download PDF
  5. Happiness and Stress Tolerance in Type 2 Diabetic Patients – Justine Joseph and Joseph, M. I. Download PDF
  6. Influence of Student Beliefs about Nature of School Mathematics on their Achievement at Secondary Level in Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Sarabi, M. K. Download PDF
  7. Impact of Parenting Style on the Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents – Marikutty. P. J and Joseph, M. I. Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 4 Oct–Dec, 2015

  1. Instructional Strategies in Teaching Physics: An Integrated Approach –Mini Narayanan & Abdul Gafoor, K.Download PDF
  2. Teachers’ Perception of Problems in implementing RTE Act in Schools of Kerala – Rekha, P.Download PDF
  3. Influence of Parenting Styles on Social Reticence among Higher secondary school students by Mumthas, N. S & Shyni Rajan, P. M.Download PDF
  4. Main and Interaction Effects of Gender, Subject of Specialisation and Teaching Experience on Teacher Morale among Higher Secondary School Teachers in Kerala – Salini K. Menon, C. V & Vijayakumari, K.Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 3 July–Sept, 2015

  1. Test Session Behaviors of Children with Academic Problems, – Venkatesan, S. Download PDF
  2. Attachment Style, Attachment Figure and Intimate Relationship among Emerging Adults with General Anxiety Disorder – Raheemudheen, P. K, Vibha Sharma, & Tripathi, C. B Download PDF
  3. Construction and Standardization of Self-confidence Scale in Malayalam – Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  4. Perceived Social Support as a Predictor of School Engagement of Secondary School Students – Vijayakumari, K.Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 2 Apr–June 2015

  1. The Role of Sex in the relation of Family Environment and Hostility by Divya T. V and Manikandan, K.Download PDF
  2. Awareness on Disaster Management: An exploration among Secondary School Students in Kerala based on their Gender, Locale and Experience with Disaster by Vijayakumari, K and Sabitha, P.Download PDF
  3. Development of Malayalam Handwriting Scale for School Students in Kerala by Abdul Gafoor, K and Naseer, A. R.Download PDF
  4. Marriage Adjustment among Working and Non-Working Women by Nadam, P. S and Sylaja, H.Download PDF
  5. Three Fold Model of Intellectual Styles among Higher Secondary School Students by Bindu, C. M and Jahfar, M.Download PDF

Vol 3 Issue 1 Jan–Mar, 2015

  1. Cyber Harassment and Cyber Victimization in relation to Webholism – Bayana, B. O. M. S and Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  2. Quality Education Pupils Right (QEPR) Programme in Kerala: A Critical Analysis – Vijayakumari, K and Remesh, N, K.Download PDF
  3. Development of Academic Goal Orientation Inventory for Senior Secondary School Students of Kerala – Abdul Gafoor, K and Abidha Kurukkan Download PDF
  4. Validation of Scale of Commitment to Democratic Values among Secondary Students – Abdul Gafoor, K.Download PDF

Vol 2 Issue 4 Oct–Dec, 2014.

  1. The Role of Personal Control in the Experience of Work Satisfaction among Higher Education Teachers –
    Firdousiya, P.C & Jayan, C Download PDF
  2. Organizational climate, Length of teaching and Sex on Work Engagement of Higher Secondary School Teachers – Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  3. Student and Teacher Perception of Disciplinary Practices: Types, Reasons, Consequences and Alternatives – Mumthas, N. S., Jouhar Munavvir, & Abdul Gafoor, K. Download PDF
  4. Chemistry Vocabulary attainment among Higher Secondary Students – Abdul Gafoor, K., & Greeshma, K.
    Download PDF
  5. Construction and Validation of Scale of Parenting Style – Abdul Gafoor, K., & Abidha Kurukkan.Download PDF
  6. Family Environment of Rural Women Affected by HIV/HIDS and undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy – Sudharshana, H. M., & Venkatesan, S.Download PDF

Vol 2 Issue 3 July–Sept, 2014.

  1. Personality Orientation and Meaning in Life of College Students in relation to Cert ain Demographic Variables by Manikandan, K & Sreeja, G.Download PDF
  2. Mental Health of Orphan Students in Children’s Home by Nadam, P. S & Sylaja, H. Download PDF
  3. Concurrent use of Customized Behavioral Interventions in Skill Enhancement and Problem Behavior Reduction on Children with Autism by Kadambari, N & Venkatesan, S.Download PDF
  4. Achievement Motivation among Secondary School Students by Vijayakumari, K & Rekha, M. P.Download PDF

Vol 2 Issue 2 April– June, 2014.

  1. Efficacy of Training Program on Executive Functions in Children with Learning Disability, Gupta, S. K & Venkatesan, S. Download PDF
  2. A Study of Reliability of Marking and Absolute Grading In Secondary Schools, Abdul Gafoor, K & Jisha, PDownload PDF
  3. Role of Psychological Wellbeing on Anxiety and Depression among Breast Cancer Patients, Menon, S. B & Jayan, CDownload PDF
  4. Study of the relationship between teachers’ disciplinary styles and Moral development of students in descriptive evaluation, Sanadgol, M & Kazemi,YDownload PDF

Vol 2 Issue 1 Jan– Mar, 2014.

1. Mind Mapping: A tool for Mathematical Creativity – Vijayakumari, K & Kavithamole, M. G.Download PDF

2. Role of Social Support on Cancer Distress among Breast Cancer Patients – Kavitha, R & Jayan, C.Download

3. Psycho-Social Problems of Adolescents at Higher Secondary Level – Mumthas, N. S & Muhsina, M.Download

4. Locus of Control, Assertiveness and General Well-Being among Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics – Indu S. Menon & Monsy Edward Download

5. Attitude of Prospective teachers at Primary Level towards Inclusive Education – Bindhu, C. M & Niranjana. K. P.Download

6. Tests Screening Reading Difficulty in Malayalam among Upper Primary School Boys – Abdul Gafoor, K.Download

Vol 1 Issue 4 Oct– Dec, 2013.

  1. Psychosocial Concerns of Breast Cancer Patients: An Explorative Study by Sukanya B. Menon & Jayan, C. Download PDF
  2. Influence of Locus of Control, Self-Esteem and Sex on Academic Stress among Adolescents by Uma, K & Manikandan, K.Download PDF
  3. Perceived Paternal Parenting style on Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents by Shalini, A & Balakrishna Acharya, Y. T.Download PDF
  4. Prevalence of Behavior Problems among School Children and their Demographic Correlates by Sushma Basavaiah Vijayaprakash, Srinivasan Venkatesan & Khyrunnisa Begum.Download PDF
  5. Influence of Submissiveness on Mental Health among Married Couples by Greeshma, R & Junaid, A.Download PDF
  6. Constructivism in Classrooms: An Evaluation of Group Activities by the Stakeholders by Vijayakumari, K & Jinu, M. K.Download PDF
  7. Divergence in Curricular-Weight Teacher-Efforts and Student-Difficulties in Secondary School ESL by Abdul Gafoor, K & Sreeja, C.Download PDF

Vol 1 Issue 3 July– Sept, 2013

  1. Influence of Phonological Awareness, Morphological Awareness and Non-verbal ability on Reading Comprehension in Malayalam by Abdul Gafoor, K & Remia, K. R  Download PDF
  2. Adjustment and Spirituality in Old Age by Joseph, M. I & Jayanthy, P. Nair Download PDF
  3. The Social Psychology of Affect, Thought and Behavior among Service Workers by Susan, V & Jayan, C Download PDF
  4. Personality and Consumer Brand Switching by Ramshitha, A. P & Manikandan, K Download PDF
  5. State-Trait Anxiety and Co-morbid Depression among Anxiety Disorder Patients  by Soumya Starlet, C. T & Joseph, M. I Download PDF
  6. Family Environment and Temperament as Predictors of Emotion Regulation by Milu Maria Anto & Jayan, C Download PDF

Vol 1 Issue 2 April-June, 2013.

  1.  Prevalence of Girl Child Abuse in Kerala: An Analysis –Lima Raj, K & Manikandan, K. Download PDF
  2. Psychiatric Morbidity at Work – Sheron, K. P. R & Jayan, CDownload PDF
  3. Marital Adjustment and Emotional Maturity among Dual-Career Couples – Jaisri, M & Joseph, M. IDownload PDF
  4. Emotional Competency and Happiness among Teacher Trainees – Justin Joseph & Joseph, M. IDownload PDF
  5. Quality of Work Life: A Dynamic Multidimensional Construct at Work Place – Part II – Susan Varghese & Jayan, CDownload PDF
  6. Self-efficacy and Self-derogation of Kudumbashree members in Kerala – Rajeesh, T. C & Sylaja, HDownload PDF
  7. School Engagement of Secondary School Students in Kerala-Vijayakumari, K & Manikandan, KDownload PDF
  8. Styles of Thinking among Learning Disabled and Slow Learners – Hassan, A & Sylaja, H. Download PDF

Vol 1 Issue 1 Jan-Mar, 2013.

1 . Submissiveness, Anxiety and Maladjustment among Women by Manikandan, K., & Subramannian, K.  Download PDF

2 .  Quality of Work Life: A Dynamic Multidimensional Construct at Work Place – Part I- by Susan Varghese & C. Jayan.   Download PDF

3.  The Moderating Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Organizational Justice and Counterproductive Work Behavior –by Lijiya Manju, K. C., & Manikandan, K.  Download PDF

4. Beyond Examination Reforms: Assessment For, As and In Learning – by Abdul Gafoor, K. Download PDF

5. Attitudinal and Psychological Characteristics of Substance Abusers – by Monsi Edward & Fathima, M. A.   Download PDF

6. Role of Father in the Cognitive Development of the Child: An Exploration- by Fathima Bushra Saliha & Jayan, C. Download PDF

7. Self-Esteem among Upper Primary School students in Kerala – by Vijayakumari, K & Soumya, K.  Download PDF

8. Influence of Certain Demographic variables on Job Attitudes and Quality of Life of Employees – by Sarath, P & Raju, S.  Download PDF